Projects for the 4th Quarter of 2020 until recent:

Project 1: (5 months)
Compiling a new quality manual for a company to comply with the National Regulator body's specifications (NRCS).
Assessing processes and finding new solutions to increase production and minimize waste within the Metrology Laboratory.

Project 2: (3 months)
Procurement of a gravimetrical test bench for a Manufacturing & Verification Company. Having to understand the customers requirement and been given carte-blanche to source and select the top-3 RFQ’s and presenting it before a decision is made.
It is very specific and requires a lot of detail knowledge.

Project 3: (4 months)  
Time-motion studies and simulation for various mining companies.

Project 4: (6 months)  
Category specialist sourcing specific categories for a mining company.

Project 5: (4 weeks)
Project risk review for a mining company.

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